About Us

  • Mission

    Our mission at Kilimanjaro Bliss is to provide the highest quality experiences in Tanzania at reasonable prices while providing fair pay and working conditions to those who are leading and serving our guests.

  • Values

    As a company, we hold strong company values:

    1. Your satisfaction of an amazing adventure is paramount.
    2. Your safety is the only value higher than your satisfaction.
    3. Our guides, cooks and porters must be well compensated, care for, and recognized throughout your experience.
    4. Our efforts at being environmentally responsible must be considered in everything we do.
    5. We will act ethically in all our dealings.

    Kilimanjaro Bliss is proud to bring innovative approaches and high service standards expected in Canada and North America to Tanzania.

  • Joint Venture

    Kilimanjaro Bliss Limited is a Tanzanian registered tour company, established as a joint venture. After Georgia Newsome, from Coastal Bliss, visited Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro and take a safari in the famous Ngorogoro Crater, the two began to form the basis of the joint venture. Afterward, the two struck a plan to collaborate to bring the values of service and responsibility in Canada to the Tanzanian adventure market. The collaborative planning continued for two years until Georgia, her partner, Gary Ward, both directors of Coastal Bliss Adventures Ltd., and Aristarick Benard Swai formed the company, Kilimanjaro Bliss Ltd. Kilimanjaro Bliss is represented on SafariBookings.com.

  • Responsibilities

    Our responsibilities and promises to you:

    1. Your Safety Is Paramount. A Kilimanjaro Bliss company value is safety. Our guides do health checks on all climbers at least twice a day, and they are prepared to diagnose, prevent, and treat altitude sickness. We have oxygen on every climb. We also make sure our vehicles are properly maintained to ensure your safety and protection on safari. Our guides know and practice safety protocols with the animals, and we have evacuation plans in place in case of emergencies.
    2. Our Meals Are Delicious. Just look at our testimonials! We supply all food and drink on our expeditions and safaris. Our chefs make delicious meals with fresh, local ingredients. The meals are nutritious and supply you with what you need for your activity. We always have water available. Clean water is provided so climbers stay well hydrated throughout their trek, and on the hot dry savanna on safari. We cater to all special dietary requirements and food allergies.
    3. Our Guides And Staff Are Highest Quality. Our guides and staff are hand selected to work for us. We have the committed, professional staff and guides who have received training in first aid, mountain rescue, client care, cooking, and personal safety, depending on their job.
    4. Our Equipment And Camping Gear Are Maintained and Current. We only use high quality camping equipment to keep our clients as comfortable as possible in all their activities. Our Eureka 4-season tents are warm, waterproof, and roomy – and perfectly suited for the rigors of Kilimanjaro. Our canvas safari tents are sturdy and comfortable for our clients who choose our camping safaris. We provide thick foam sleeping pads for all clients. We provide other high quality gear for rental, if needed.
    5. We Look After Our Staff. Everything we do is about the people. Our porters and chefs are just as important as our guides in creating a great experience for you. Porter welfare is another key company value of Kilimanjaro Bliss. We do our best to ensure our staff is treated well. We meet or exceed all established guidelines on porter wages and welfare.
    6. We Look After Our Staff. Everything we do is about the people. Our porters and chefs are just as important as our guides in creating a great experience for you. Porter welfare is another key company value of Kilimanjaro Bliss. We do our best to ensure our staff is treated well. We meet or exceed all established guidelines on porter wages and welfare.
    7. We Design The Best Mountain and Safari Routes. Kilimanjaro Bliss specializes in creating the best chances for summitting by designing routes that increase acclimatization to altitude. We encourage climbs and safaris that are outside of peak season, when there are less people on the mountain and in the parks. We want you to summit and to experience the animals and culture of Tanzania with as little distraction as possible. We actively look for new possibilities and cultural experiences for safaris, and prefer to go off the beaten track, when possible.
    8. We Do Both Group and Private Expeditions and Safaris. We provide a number of scheduled expeditions and safaris on the favourite routes, with our adjustments to increase acclimatization and cultural experience. We also often organize private expeditions and safaris, and can tailor routes and experiences to meet your needs.
    9. We Practice Leave No Trace Ethics. We follow LNT protocols as members of Leave No Trace. Our guides and porters practice Leave No Trace ethics on the mountain and on safari to help preserve the beauty and nature of Tanzania.
    10. We Use Reasonable, But Responsible Pricing. Kilimanjaro Bliss tours are not the cheapest you can find. We operate ethically, paying all taxes, because we could not operate without the services and infrastructure provided by the Tanzanian government. We also look after our staff. These practices cost a little more, but we believe they are essential to operating ethically. We work hard to keep costs down as much as we can. We provide you with small group tours at prices rivalling the large companies' large group prices. You get quality service at reasonable costs. We encourage you to help design your experience, co-creating it with us, to meet your needs as much as possible.

Get In Touch

For more information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have for us. You can send a direct email to us from the email form. We should answer your questions within 24 hours.

4865 Bench Rd
Cowichan Bay, BC

Ethiopia Street, Kaloleni

E: info @ kilimanjarobliss.com
P: +1 250 715 0034

What Our Guests Say

  • Very nice trip with Ari, on recommandation from a friend we went with him for a safari after our climb to Uhuru peak, and it was a pleasure, very nice, very professional, and also very friendly. A safari very close to the animals, where he took time to explain all about everything, and provided all the confort, picking us at the hotel, and even bringing us to the airport in the middle of the night.

    Adrien, France
  • My two friends and I had an incredible time on the safari with our guide ari and our driver (“lion”)!! We would highly recommend this safari. We did a three day safari and three parks and an incredible hotel and food was all included! Our guides were very knowledgeable and helpful and allowed us to have so much fun and adventure along the way. We were able see all the animals we wanted to (rhino!) and it was a wonderful experience out in the parks. Such an incredible and magical place, full of life and wonder. The resort hotel we stayed at was also wonderful and relaxing. Thank you Ari and “Lion”!

  • I was impressed by Aristarick, one of our gides. He was very helpfull, motivating and knows a lot. Thanks to him we made it to the top.

  • We enjoyed amazing safari's in Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti National Park, thanks to Kilimanjaro Bliss & Ari. Guide & driver Ari was very flexible and accommodating for our family (5people). Every day again, we were amazed by the beauty of the country, the hospitality of the people and the guidance of our guide & driver.

    Marijke, Belgium
  • Ari of Kilimanjaro Bliss was an amazing host. We had signed up to do our climb to the top of Kilimanjaro with Kilimanjaro Bliss and got so much more than we expected...Ari and his crew took great care of us on the seven days that we took to get to the top and back down again. The food was incredibly delicious and the crew were awesome. It was an amazing adventure and we made it back a day early, so we decided to do a safari to Tarangire National Park. We ended our day with a visit to a Masai village. A truly incredible experience with exceptional service by Ari.

    Gabe, Minnesota, USA
  • The most incredible adventure, with the most amazing people! Two women, aged 55 and 59, apprehensive of the gruelling journey, but hoping for bragging rights of reaching the top; we anticipated sacrificing all comfort to get there. Instead, we were blown away with the great lengths the team went through to, not only make us comfortable, but make us feel like royalty. Meals were better than I have had in 5-star restaurants. Although summit day was tough, the journey getting there will be what I remember best. I miss the team already!

    Brenda, Ontario, Canada