Exceptional Safaris and Kilimanjaro Expeditions

We are a tour company providing Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro expeditions. We are not a ground handler or booking agent. We don’t rely on others to serve you. Kilimanjaro Bliss Safaris and Expeditions is a Tanzanian-Canadian joint venture. We are dedicated to giving our guests the best experiences of the land and culture of East Africa. Our goal is to connect you to the land and the indigenous people. We have a range of tour possibilities to meet your needs to experience this amazing country where humanity originated.

Join us as we join the service excellence of Canadian wilderness tours to the guiding expertise of Tanzanian wilderness guides.

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Our safaris take you to the best animal viewing locations and parks. We provide a range of accommodation for you to choose from. You can camp in a local, public campground, stay in a luxury tented camp, or spend your nights in a lodge.

Opt for the indigenous experience to hunt with the Hadzabe bushmen and watch the iron age Datoga blacksmiths. Bring your camera to catch the memories.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Our Kilimanjaro guides look after your safety as you climb to the 5,895 m peak. The porters and cook carry your gear and fill you with healthy food to make your climb. We give you a full preparation package to help you be ready before you leave home to make this incredible climb to the roof of Africa.

We all come from this area of East Africa. It is the cradle of humanity, and well worth visiting. Come enjoy this historical perspective. If that is not enough reason, this area is a geologically active rift valley where the tectonic plate is splitting apart. At Kilimanjaro Bliss, we give you the best of these East Africa wonders.

If you are looking for exceptional Tanzania safaris and Kilimanjaro expeditions, contact us for details on how we can co-create the most amazing experience for you while you are in Africa.