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Every African journey is different. Whether you are climbing Kilimanjaro or on safari, your needs are different from everyone else’s. We tailor what we do to your needs. We add special things to our Kilimanjaro expeditions to suit you, and all our safaris are custom. So many possibilities exist in Tanzania that you need a guide just to decide on where to go! We are your guides right from the first contact. Let’s design your expedition and safari together.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Our Kilimanjaro guides look after your safety as you climb to the 5,895 m peak. The porters and cook carry your gear and fill you with healthy food to make your climb. We give you a full preparation package to help you be ready before you leave home to make this incredible climb to the roof of Africa.

If you are looking for exceptional Kilimanjaro expeditions, contact us for details on how we can co-create the most amazing experience for you while you are in Africa.

Lemosho Route

Total Tour Time: 10 days, arrival to departure
Nights: Hotel 2, Tents 7
Kilimanjaro Bliss: 8 days hiking
Recommended days on trek: 8 days
Minimum trekking days required: 7days
Difficulty: Intermediate
Scenery: Superb
Traffic: Medium
Stating point: West, Londorrosi gate
Distance: 70km
Acclimatization: Excellent

Machame Route

Total Tour Time: 9 days, arrival to departure
Accommodations: Hotel 2, Tent 6
Kilimanjaro Bliss: 7 days
Recommended days on trek: 7
Minimum days on trek: 6
Difficulty: Intermediate
Scenery: Superb
Traffic: High
Starting point: South West
Distance: 62km
Acclimatization: High

Rongai Route

Total Tour Time: Options 1: 9 days/Option 2: 8 days; arrival to departure
Accommodation: Hotel 2, Tents 6/ Hotel 2, Tents 5
Kilimanjaro Bliss: 7 days/6 days
Recommended days on trek: 7 days
Minimum days on trek: 6
Difficulty: Beginners
Scenery: Very Good
Hiker Traffic: Low – Medium
Stating point: North
Distance: 73km
Acclimatization: Medium/Low to Medium

Mt. Meru

Total Tour Time: 5 days
Accommodation: Hotel: 2; Huts: 3
Recommended days on trek: 4 – 5 days
Kilimanjaro Bliss: 4 day tours
Minimum days on trek: 3
Difficulty: Intermediate
Scenery: Very Good
Traffic: Low – Medium
Stating point: Arusha
Distance: 46km
Climbing Mt Meru before Kilimanjaro significantly increases acclimatization.


Our safaris take you to the best animal viewing locations and parks. We provide a range of accommodation for you to choose from. You can camp in a local, public campground, stay in a luxury tented camp, or spend your nights in a lodge.

Opt for the indigenous experience to hunt with the Hadzabe bushmen and watch the iron age Datoga blacksmiths. Bring your camera to catch the memories.

Our safaris vary based on the number of days you have. More days means more access to different parks and experiences. These are some typical safari overviews:

Day trip to Arusha National Park from Arusha, with a packed lunch.

Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater Preserve. Accommodation in Karatu.


Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Parks. Accommodation at Lake Manyara and Karatu.

4 to 7-day

Lake Manyara, Cultural Option, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire Parks. Cultural Options include visiting the Hadzabe bushmen, the Datoga Blacksmiths, or a Maasi village. A range of accommodations are available.


Lake Manyara, Hadzabe and Datoga tribes, Ngorogoro, Olduvai Gorge, Serengeti, Ngorogoro Concervancy & Maasi village, Tarangire Parks. We visit the cultural and historical areas on this safari. A range of accommodations are available.


This is the full Serengiti safari, visiting both the central and northern circuits, but also visiting Tarangire, Lake Manyara, the Karatu area, Ngorogoro Crater, and a Cultural Option. A range of accommodations are also available for this safari.

Off-the-beaten-track, 7-day

 From Arusha, visiting Lake Manyara, Engaruka Ruins, a sunrise Flamingo hike of Lake Natron, the Engeresro footprints, Northern Serengeti Camp in Lobo via the rift escarpment, game drive around Serengeti, Lobo region, early morning game drive in central Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, Lake Eyasi, cultural visits with  the Hadzabe Bushmen, and a visit with Datoga tribe. Accommodation can be variable due to the locations, but the experience is amazing.

  • I was impressed by Aristarick, one of our guides. He was very helpful, motivating and knows a lot. Thanks to him we made it to the top.


  • It was clear from the start of the expedition that Ari was very professional indeed. Above all though was his passion for Tanzania. If you are planning a trip to Tanzania for a trek up Kilimanjaro or a Safari, then I highly recommend this guy. He will look after you very well indeed.


  • Ari of Kilimanjaro Bliss was an amazing host. We had signed up to do our climb to the top of Kilimanjaro with Kilimanjaro Bliss and got so much more than we expected. Ari and his crew took great care of us on the seven days that we took to get to the top and back down again. The food was incredibly delicious and the crew were awesome. It was an amazing adventure and we made it back a day early, so we decided to do a safari to Tarangire National Park.


    Apple Valley, Minnesota
  • We were blown away with the great lengths the team went through to, not only make us comfortable, but make us feel like royalty. Meals were better than I have had in 5-star restaurants. Although summit day was tough, the journey getting there will be what I remember best. I miss the team already!


    Ontario, Canada