What To Bring For Your Tour

Kilimanjaro Equipment List

You will need to divide your belongings into two bags. One bag with most of your clothing and equipment will be carried by a porter, while the other bag, a comfortable bay pack, you will carry with the items you need during the hiking day.

Duffel Bag: It is best that hikers have a waterproof duffel, or pack their clothing and equipment into waterproof bags inside a duffel bag.  Duffel bags are easier for porters to carry than backpacks, as they carry their load on their head.

Items to wear while hiking:
  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Gaiters (especially for higher elevations)
  • Walking socks
  • Walking pants (trousers)/ & shorts
  • Base Layer wicking shirt
  • Comfortable underwear (wicks moisture)
  • Warm hat or balaclava
  • Neck buff or scarf
  • Sun hat
  • Warm gloves
  • Sun glasses

Day Pack: You will want to have a comfortable day pack to carry the following items:

  • Water bottle or platter-pus (2 – 3 litres)
  • Water purification tablets or steri-pen
  • Camera
  • Warm up sweater / fleece
  • Rain Jacket and pants, or poncho (yep, you may need to wear these)
  • First Aid items: Band aids; blister pads; ankle bandage; lip salve; sun cream; personal medications; pain relievers for headaches and muscle soreness, altitude meds; hand sanitizer.
  • Hiking Pole(s)

Duffel bag: Items to pack in your porter carried duffel:

  • Good warm sleeping bag
  • Sleeping Mat (we can provide this)
  • Long thermal underwear (shirt & pants) for sleeping, and peak ascent
  • 2nd pair hiking pants
  • 2nd hiking shirt
  • Spare socks & underwear
  • T-shirt for camp
  • Warm pants
  • Warm shirt
  • Running shoes for camp
  • Headlamp & spare batteries (for night hiking on peak ascent it is best to have lamp that can be worn on your head)
  • Wash kit: Toothbrush & paste; spare medications; handy tissues; bio- degradable soap (toilet paper is supplied)
  • Travel towel & wash cloth
  • Book; notebook; cards
  • Spare camera batteries kept in container where they will not get too hot or cold