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There’s nothing like a Christmas summit!

Kilimanjaro ExpeditionClimbing Kilimanjaro at Christmas can be an amazing and spiritual experience. This is a fairly demanding trek because of the altitude, but taken in the right way, a Christmas summit is perfectly manageable for most people.  Summiting on Christmas or Christmas Eve can gives your hike a special element. This is a good time to climb the mountain and to take a safari.

The hike up Kilimanjaro becomes a pilgrimage to the top of Africa for a Christmas summit, where the cradle of civilization is visible far below in the plain of the rift valley.  Near the Serengeti Plain, the remains of some of the oldest known humans were found. Considering that the science of DNA analysis has shown we are all originally from East Africa, a safari to East Africa, especially Tanzania brings us closer to our real roots than any other place on the planet. People still live a stone age and iron age existence in Tanzania. The Bushmen have tried to fit into “civilization” and find they really can’t. The Datoga live in an iron age community of loose extended-family units. The diversity of culture is just as amazing as the diversity of animals.

Spectacular landscapes of rolling hills, ravines, and forests of the ancient African Baobab trees, and arcadia woodlands, Tanzania has a wide array of ecosystems. The forces of the earth, pulling itself apart because of the rift, exploding molten rock out of the volcanic mountains, and the intense sun, give an ambient life energy to the land and people of Tanzania.


Join Kilimanjaro Bliss for the tour of a lifetime, on Kilimanjaro, on a Tanzanian safari, or both. Come do a Christmas summit on the mountain and find your own inner Christmas summit on safari.