About Us

The Company

Kilimanjaro Bliss Limited is a Tanzanian registered tour company, established as a joint venture. Canadian adventure company, Coastal Bliss Adventures Ltd., and Tanzanian guide, Aristarick Benard Swai partnered to form the company. After Georgia Newsome, from Coastal Bliss, visited Tanzania to hike Kilimanjaro and take a safari in the famous Ngorogoro Crater, the two began to form the basis of the joint venture.  Afterward, the two struck a plan to collaborate to form a company that will provide excellent service and responsible company values to the Tanzanian adventure scene.

The collaboration continued on for two years until Georgia, her partner, Gary Ward, both directors of Coastal Bliss Adventures Ltd., and Aristarick formed the company, Kilimanjaro Bliss Ltd.

Company Values

As a company, we hold strong company values:

  • Your satisfaction of an amazing adventure is paramount.
  • Our guides, cooks and porters must be well compensated, care for, and recognized throughout your experience.
  • Our efforts at being environmentally responsible must be considered in everything we do.
  • We will act ethically in all our dealings.


Georgia, Gary and Aristarick

Kilimanjaro Bliss Principals

The Principals


Aristarick Benard Swai grew up beneath Mount Kilimanjaro. He worked through the ranks of porters on Kilimanjaro to become a lead guide. Aristarick is dedicated to professional guiding in Tanzania. He strongly supports responsible practices and company values that look after the porters and cooks, who make the trek up the mountain possible. So, Aristarick currently manages the ground operations in Tanzania. Additionally, he is building a house for his young family, and guides on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Aristarick wrote a book about the mountain and spends his time developing tourism in his country.


Georgia Newsome worked as a guide for backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing for various adventure companies for over 20 years. She worked as lead guide with Sea to Sky Expeditions for 13 years. Additionally, she continues to work closely with its owner and other guides. Growing up in the New Forest, in England, Georgia developed a love for nature and the outdoors. First visiting Canada in 1989, she immediately knew she had found her home. She moved to British Columbia, where the Canadian wilderness spoke loudly to her passion for adventure and activity as well as nourishing her with its natural beauty.

Georgia’s initial profession as a physical education teacher laid the foundation for the desire to share her passion for the outdoors with others. It set her on a path of knowledge and skill development to enable her to provide the best for the guests in her care. In 2007, Georgia started her own company, Georgia’s Strait Recreation, which focuses on skill development in a variety of sports and activities. In 2009, she founded Coastal Bliss Adventures Ltd. with partner, Gary Ward. Coastal Bliss Adventures focuses on multi – day adventures, as a responsible venture with good company values.


Gary Ward, MS, MBA trained as a physicist and mathematician, but found more interest in being an educator. After moving to Vancouver, Gary’s passion for experiential education led him to guide wilderness trips to deepen the learning experiences of his students. Also, Gary worked in experiential education in the UK and the US for six years. Since returning to Canada in 2005, Gary spends his time teaching and guiding tours. Over the years, he led trips in BC, the UK, Greece, Italy, and Egypt. Along with Georgia, Gary founded Coastal Bliss Adventures in 2009. Gary is a certified sea kayak guide, an ACMG certified Assistant Hiking Guide, and is trained in Advanced Wilderness First Aid.